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As an aspiring Spanish teacher, I would like to welcome all my viewers. Through my website, I hope to share my own techniques, strategies, lessons, and experiences as I study at Moravian College. It is my desire to become fluent in Spanish as well as develop my own style of teaching.

My Philosophy

My philosophy of education resembles a majority of concepts that derived from the education philosopher John Dewey. Dewey says this, “The main purpose or objective is to prepare the young for future responsibilities and for success in life.” I believe this idea is important to education because as teachers we are raising the future for society. Through our teaching, we will impact future doctors, teachers, electricians, and many other occupations in the working community. I believe learning takes place when we develop relationships with our students and guide them into creating their own “individual experience” of education. Like Dewey, I support the idea of creating an educational experience that is relevant to every student. My philosophy of education is meant to prepare students for the future, motivate them to create their own experience, and generate long lasting relationships.

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The next two years are filled with exciting things, and you’ll have to check in to stay up to date.  If you have any feedback or would like to share your own page please do not hesitate to fill out the contact information below.


Taylor Jean Garza