Ted Talk on Education

Mae Jemison: Teach arts and sciences together

When I came across this video, I was intrigued by the title because the arts and sciences are complete opposites to me. I absolutely love the arts and I have ever since I was little, but science is a subject I absolutely hate. I was interested to hear how the two could be used together in education, and Mae Jemison gave me an explanation. As she began her talk she brought up my very first statement, and explained how the two subjects are partners in the way we understand ourselves and the universe. Every day we are making decisions about our society, and without the arts and science we are going to have problems. Science and scientists are creative in the same way that artists are creative, and artists are analytical in the same way that scientists are analytical. When we attempt to accommodate art and science, we see that they both resemble creativity and logic. Therefore, according to Mae Jemison science and art are avatars of human creativity. As human beings we are attempting to form our own understanding of the world around us, and we do that through art and science.

Mae Jemison broke her idea down into even simpler terms by saying, “Science provides a understanding of a universal experience, and arts provides a universal understanding of a personal experience.” After watching the whole video, I agree with Jemison and believe that the arts and science are a collaboration of the same ideas, creativity and expression. With that being said, I also believe that we need to use those ideas in education. Creativity makes us who we are, and we are all different in the way that we look, act, feel, and learn. As a future educator, it is my hope to instill creativity in all my students. I also hope to base my own creative teaching skills on three points that Jemison ended her talks with and those points are: 1) Is it attractive? 2)Is it analytical? 3) Does it know its place? Teaching is analytical, but it is also creative, and I now can see how the arts and sciences share a relationship built on understanding and creativity. My question for you is this: How do you express your own creativity?

Check it out at: http://www.ted.com/playlists/124/ken_robinson_10_talks_on_educ

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