Infographics: A way to grab a student’s attention.


What is the goal?

As teachers, our goal is to keep our students interested and engaged in our lessons. Occasionally, we have that one student that is falling asleep in class or their imagination is wondering. How can we overcome the constant battle of keeping our students attention? The solution is infographics! Infographics are great ways to use visuals that capture the sleepy student’s attention. 65% of the population are visual learners, therefore we have to meet the needs of those learners through images, media, and so on. Using infographics, helps us as teachers increase learning efficiency.

Infographics in the Classroom

  1. Instead of doing the standard lecture or “chalk and talk” lesson, try creating your own infographic that highlights all the points you would have made in your lecture. This way students have to look, and read all of your points instead of listening to you read them or copy them off a screen. Make sure to include pictures that correspond to the topics and the lesson you are trying to teach.
  2. Change up your lesson plan by having the students make their own infographic. The students can then reflect on the things they have learned during the lesson, and will increase their need to pay attention because the won’t be bored with the same material. By changing up your lesson, the students are eager to learn, and need to pay attention in order to learn. Infographics are unique and a fun way to see your students brainstorming.
  3. Create your classroom objectives in an infographic. As teachers, we want to lie down the line, and instill respect, integrity, and cooperation in all of our students. Instead of highlighting those discipline rules or class objectives in a normal bulleted style. Try to switch it up with an infographic that displays your expectations.
  4. Display community or school events using an infographic. They’re organized, and a great way to draw a student over to a poster or flyer.
  5. Comparing and contrasting lessons are a great way to use infographics in the classroom along with other lessons like science and math. Comparing and contrasting data through an infographic could replace a boring venn

Check out the site below which gives you free downloadable templates for creating your own infographics!


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