My First Twitter Chat #sschat

Overall Experience

I participated in my first Twitter chat on Monday November 9, from 7-8 pm. I’m going to be honest by saying I was not thrilled to participate in a Twitter chat. I had a negative attitude when I went into the chat, but through welcoming users and multiple participation from other teachers around the country I enjoyed the hour. In fact, the time was flying by for me, and I was surprised that at 8 my attitude made a 360. I was able to connect with other teachers who have experience in teaching Social Studies at the elementary, middle, and secondary level. I was inspired by the different forms of teaching that I came across during the chat, and even though I’m not a History major I learned a lot about the difficulties of teaching young students history. Sometimes the history content is out of the comprehension of younger students, and elementary social studies teachers don’t know how to go about introducing the topics. With the United States Election taking place this week, many themes came up regarding our elementary schools, and the content that we present to children at a young age.  What content is too much for elementary? What information is too graphic? I’m currently taking a History class at Moravian College, and I was able to use my prior knowledge about colonization, the revolutionary war, and the civil war to relate it many of the topics that were brought up during the chat.

What questions came up?

The questions were centered around the limited amount of time that is devoted to social studies specifically at the elementary school level. I found it interesting that many other teachers and myself thought it would be a beneficial idea to try to incorporate cooperative teaching throughout elementary schools. Cooperative teaching could look like reading a history text in a language arts classroom or doing an art project that expresses a history theme. As teachers, we enforce cooperation, group work, and working together into our students, but sometimes we don’t do the same things with other teachers. With that being said, I believe that cooperative teaching is an excellent way to help elementary school teachers work together to teacher their students the common core subjects. If their was more cooperation in the elementary schools, social studies would be able to expand outside the social studies classroom and into other classrooms. Below is an social studies infographic that talks about how we can compare social studies to other subjects, and “close the gap.”


Overall, I recommend that all Twitter users experience a Twitter chat because they’re fun, engaging, and beneficial for those who are aspiring or practicing teachers. Regardless of your subject or education level, I also recommend that teachers check out other subjects beside your own. If you’re a Social Studies major I recommend that you check out this chat on Mondays from 7-8 pm on twitter at #sschat. Please feel free to post your own Twitter chat experiences below!


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