Group Work-Collaboration

In one of my college courses, I was very pleased with the group I collaborated with during some online meetings. We were all able to take time out of our busy college schedules to meet on google docs, and have some very insightful discussions. During one or two of our meetings I included my group in a tweet about the progress we were making. Our group was on the larger size which made me a bit nervous in the beginning because I feared that it would be harder to all meet online at the same time, but we all managed to commit our time to this class. I can also say that we all put in an equal amount of effort into all our inquiry discussions which is not always the case in a group project. It was interesting to discuss all our different ideas in one google doc and response to each other’s thoughts. Most of the time we had similar thoughts, but sometimes we had those moments when one of us had never thought about a specific topic in a certain way. This was the most positive group project I have ever experienced, and I’m one to hate group work. I’m very happy with the outcome, and how I learned from my peers.

Below are two documents that were made by my group through Google Slides. 




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